Communication system

Table of contents
4.Specification requirements
5.Solutions suggestions
6.The magnetic fields sensors
7.The inclination measurement system
8.The gyroscope
9.The data acquisition system
10.Communication system
11.The power supply
12.Realisation of the PCB
13.The embedded system
14.Static Library Util.a
17.Sensors controller commands
19.Future improvements

The microcontroller will compute the data and send the result trough a liaison RS485. The conversion will be done by the RS485 transceiver. This way allows communicating with the outside (PC or robot) and return the requested value.

The ADC and the microcontroller use the SPI port to receive and to send the data between them. We also use the SPI port to load the program on the microcontroller by a stk500 card. This port uses the pins MISO and MOSI of the CPU.

rs485 rs232

Figure 19:RS485 and RS232 communication

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