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The galleries of wallpapers I suggest you are some personal art-works: drawing, 3d picture, fractal, tribal, stereogram and photograph. These graphics may be send on e-cardor used as skin below the navigation bar of your navigator or below the software Winamp.
I present also you some fonts or 3d objects which has been used to create some pictures. You would find some screensavers based on the wallpapers. Two other categories more literary upon which I’ve worked are some thoughts and some poems

I wish you welcome and I hope that you will find what you are looking for . If you like my production, don't forget to take a time to write your comments concerning what you have just downloaded or sign up the guestbook. I also developed softwares that you can download or browse their source code.
Last news

6 December 2012 à 17 h 50
 Compas éléctromagnetic   article décrivant la réalisation d'un compas électromagnétique complexe à l'aide de magnétomètre, accéléromètre et commandant depuis un IHM déportée sur un PC. (article en anglais seulement)

8 February 2009 à 10 h 39
 Dark Tribal   voici un dessin tribal aux formes exotiques et sombres

17 May 2008 à 10 h 33
 Monenvasia   L'ile greque de monenvasia

24 March 2008 à 21 h 08
 Dune tribal   un nouveaux tribal en forme de dune

24 March 2008 à 12 h 03
 Gardian   un tribal en forme de personnage

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